I love sunflowers, always have. They are big and striking very often, and remind me of the sun, but one that is able to be gazed upon and touched :)
It seems my garden is all the more alive, when there are sunflowers about. The birds and the bees truly love it. They provide sustenance for the birds, while still leaving enough for one to dry the seeds and use to plant for the next spring :)

One really cool idea, that a friend shared with me once, was that you could use a big sunflower petal for fish bait!! Who knew??!! I love that idea, as does my one young son, who loves to fish.

No wonder so many used it as a symbol of the sun deity many centuries ago, from the Incas to the Aztecs. To me, the beauty is never ending, and remains long in my memory even after the bloom fades away.

I am thankful for such a glorious creation, and one that is so easy to grow from seeds. Let me know what you think about sunflowers, if you would :) Thanks, Ocean